Making Cancer Less Deadly Through Widely Accessible Early Detection

DELFI unleashes the power of machine learning and next-generation liquid biopsies to detect cancer in a whole new way.

Longer, Cancer-Free Lives

DELFI’s technology was developed to help people live longer, healthier, cancer-free lives by detecting cancer early—when it’s asymptomatic but easier to cure.

Widely Available Screening

Effective cancer screening requires a test accessible to everyone who needs one. DELFI’s machine learning tools work with commonly used lab methods and instruments, making early-stage cancer screening affordable and feasible for large populations. 

High-Performance Technology

DELFI’s machine learning system analyzes far more molecular data than conventional methods, deriving deeper clinical insights. 

Serving Unmet Medical Needs

Millions of high-risk individuals are not getting screened for cancer due to access and cost. A blood-based cancer screening test is easy to incorporate into routine clinical practice, with the potential to impact populations around the world.

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